somebody teach me how to make manips with photofiltre 




Hey! you can check my blog out! ^^

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hello! do you know ho to make gifs using photofiltre? if you do, please make a tutorial~

Sadly, it’s impossible to make gifs with photofiltre :/ you can use an alternative program though such as Photoscape for example…

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Local disk (C:) -> program files (x86) -> PhotoFiltre -> Plugins

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Gimp Tutorial 1 - Curved+Luminous Text Effects

Level - Beginner

watch the video tutorial!


does anyone use photofiltre

i do, you can check my blog out! ;)

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Question for anyone familiar with Photofiltre/ question pour qq qui connaît Photofiltre


Is there actually an auto-trace for outlines function?
If there is, I’m having trouble even finding it…
If there isn’t, it makes sense why I can’t find it.
But this is important…

Où se trouve l’outil pour tracer le contour de qqch dans une photo ? Est-ce que ça existe ??
Je sais pas s’il existe…si oui, je le trouve pas…
et s’il n’existe pas, voici pourquoi je le trouve pas…
mais c’est important…

Oui tu peux utiliser l’un des deux ^^: (encadré en rouge)

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Photofiltre Tutorial 73

Make a collage/Blend with Photofiltre 2

Level: Expert

Watch the video tutorial!

Photofiltre Tutorial 72

How to put text on an animated .gif? (2nd Version)

Level: Beginner-Intermediateimage

Watch the video tutorial!

Is it possible to make a picture like The one I just posted ...., The Justin Bieber one on photoFiltre?

Yes, it’s possible :)

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